This teaching gives us a better understanding of the psychological bases of evil. The battleground of all good and evil is in the hearts of all beings with conscious ability to discern between the two. Evil is a dis-ease. Evil is the cause of all neurosis and psychoses. Only human beings are capable of diminishing, killing the spirit of one another.

Balance in life is what we are after or what we seek. Balance on the spiritual path is an integration and a harmonizing of opposites at all levels of the being.In speaking of the chakric tree (chakras), the three rivers or the three paths, the Ganga ida, the Yamuna pingala, and the Saraswati shushumna or the central path. The spiritual life requires the balancing of all mutual opposites. This is what brings us progressively to expanded awareness or Self conscious awareness. These nadi, ida and pingala are important in the bringing about of the harmony and the balance in our life.

The most prominent binds that keep us from growing and changing are ignorance, the primary one, egotism or pride, greediness, aversion or anger, and jealousy. These afflictions have everything to do with our life state, our life experience, and the life style which we lead. This teaching will help us to have deeper understanding about ourselves. To be less judgmental, because we all struggle as human beings.

A teaching on the oldest religion on earth. God The Mother is the very foundation of Love an Acceptance. Yet, has been reviled and persecuted in time by those seeking to distort the Truth. Matriarchal Unity, Patriarchal divide. The feminine is the only medicine to heal in this age.

A comprehensive teaching on the nature of a child. A Satsang with Guru and student. A question and answer session on parenting. Parenting has its difficulties, but it’s a wonderful thing, a wonderful thing, and those of you who are not parenting in this life have, will have a opportunity to parent in another life.

People come together in relationships because of karma. To be more specific because of karmic debt between them. All karma can be transcended. For every action there is an equal but, opposite reaction, cause and effect. To rid ourselves of karma we must realize that all karma is simply debt. Not knowing our karmic debt is the problem. This creates more karma. The more your karmic debts are effaced, the closer to Self Realization you become.  Life is but the memory of all ones karmic debt from the many previous births.

To accept death is to completely embrace life. Death is the only inevitable certainty in life. We can have more control over our life, and how it’s lived, by strengthening the mind, by expanding our consciousness, and having better control over the process of living our existence; and therefore, we would have better control over the process of dying in our own life.

Recognition and Acceptance provides the foundational support needed for individual understanding of ones nature. This naturally precedes ones psychophysiological growth and inevitable change.

This book is a composition of writing from 1969-2003
Our Guru fines the circuitous his-story of mankind to be of urgent prevalence in this desperate need for change in these times. May Her words inspire and awaken memories for all of human consciousness.

In an intimate conversation with a disciple, Dr. Shubhranandaswami speaks to us of karma, character, integrity and how these factors determine our life’s journey. We are guided to understand that which she has always said, “Love is the Key”– the key to Truth and the freedom form suffering in this worldly existence.

A penetrating inquiry into the origin of the struggles that many often experience during the holiday season and the roots and causes due to personal, family and societal obligations and expectations. She explores the personal awarenesses and subsequent changes that are needed to go beyond the unhealthy patterns that we have allowed to hold us.

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